Monday, June 25, 2012

Glass painting

I'm getting busy with life and kids. These glass household items were painted by me with glass paint.
This is a new medium for me, a little bit different from the acrylic paint but not hard to use.
This first beauty was a decanter before. I draw the motiff on a paper, put inside, painted with brush from the outside. After the transparent glase dried the vase was cured in the oven.

Small sponge blocks were used here. Just dip in the paint and printed on the glass. This is a good project for kids and beginner too. When the paint was dry I used outliner to put different motiffs in the printed rectangle. A few day later when it wass fully dry the candle holder was cured in the oven too. It was a good upcycleing project I got my candle holder from a charity shop.

Please keep in mind don't paint that area which one in contact with food, eg. paint the under side of the glass plate, don't painr the top of your glass if you want to drink from it.

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