Sunday, June 3, 2012

My paintings - exhibition

Last few years I did evening drawing and painting courses. Every year we have an exhibition in the local library. We just show around our works what we did on the course. This year's paints just came back from the library.

The first exhibition was hard for me. I just started to draw again after a few years gap. When our teacher told us "we will have an exhibition in the library soon. Everybody frame her works and we will hang it up. It would be nice event." I did not believe her. I had so little experience and I thought my paint is crap. But anyway my paint was framed and hanged. It was lovely on that wall. And the exhibition went well.

I still have that paint that was my first step. If I compared with my fresh pictures I see how many steps I did from that first. Already see a long road behind me and a longer one in front of me.


This soft/chalk pastel pictures was not in the exhibition. It was a Christmas present for my parents. The original photo was taken by me in our front garden. They loved the paint and looking nice on their wall.

Fantastic Mr Fox

I painted lots of landscape and flower pictures. Animal season is here now. Soft/chalk pastel was used for this paint. Bigger than my usual size, A3.


Here I used soft/chalk pastel too. 5 or 6 layers of chalk were put on top of each other.


I have to make a new, framed photo about this zebra. Couldn't find any black square frame for this, so the framed one is a little bit wider than this. Soft/chalk pastel again.


Pastel is a very quick medium for me. I love it but very messy. For these giraffes acrylic paint was used on canvas board. With my very thin, 00 brushes I could do very detailed work. But this is a very slow job for me, need weeks, months for one paint. I think the result is well worth it.

And at last something totally different from me...

Fantasy garden

This is a collage, mixed media paint. The background is acrylic paint on canvas. The flowers and bugs, snails are made from recycled textiles (old clothes from home and charity shops). I did some embroidery and sewed on some buttons too. It was fun to make it.

This is it for today. I hope you like my paints.

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