Friday, June 8, 2012

Swirled beads set

 For this technique you need a few different  coloured polymer clay. A little bits from here, a little bits from there. A piece of glass, mind your fingers! Or CD case but the clay ruin the case very quickly. And lots of patience.
Easier way if you make balls from the clay, cut it like a cake and rearrange it like a rainbow ball. Push the pieces together and swirl it between the 2 glass and let the magic happens.

This little swirlies went to be a nice beads on this earrings. Wire loops and curves hug them around so they are not feel lonely, showing their real beauty too.

Swirled beads earrings

This little swirlies went to be lentil beads on this necklace. The triplets stayed together. They are more colourful than the earrings beads and flatish like a lentil. I used wire for the middle piece and cotton thread on the side.

Swirled lentil beads necklace

This little swirlies made a nice set togerher and ready to fly. They are looking for a new home. Please contact me if you want to give home for these swirlies family.

Swirled beads set

They packed everything what they need but still need an address for there new home.

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