Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project: Home dyed cotton twine

I love cotton twine. It is a very versatile medium. You could use it for a zillion things but it's white, off white. Very boring.

I got some fabric dye from my other favourite shop. Let's start this project.
My colours are sunflower yellow, ocean blue, rosewood red and tropical green. I have 5 balls but I want one white.
What else do I need? Salt, very warm water, bucket, plastic gloves!, stones :), white vinegar and a kid chair.

Cotton twines and fabric dyes

First ravel the twine into a nice round pile, I used the back of my kids chair. Cord with small scrap twine 4 times very loosely. Knot the tail to the head.

Just before the dyeing

Let's make the dye. Put the warm water into a bucket dissolve the salt in it. Dissolve the dye in a small amount of warm water in a glass jar. Mix the 2 water (salty water+coloured water) together.

Submerge the twine. Please use the plastic gloves if you don't want to dye your hands too. Rub all over in the water for a good few minutes. Take care the corded part or you will get white patches in the twine where it is not dyed. I made this mistake in the first time but I was happy because I started with the yellow. Rub more. And a little bit more.

Put the stones on the top of the twine it is help to submerge fully into the cocktail. Every 5-10-15 minutes rub all over again.
If you reached the desired shade take it out, rinse in cold water. Wash in warm water, let it rest in cold water+some white vinegar mixture (grandma recipe for tinting jeans). Hang it out for 2 days to dry.

And the result is well worth it.

When it completely dry unravel it again into a nice ball. They are ready to use in some nice kids projects.

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